Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Invention of Time

A Poem written, lost, and found again, seemed to belong to these works which I'd done during the spring & summer of 2015:

A Feather on the Breath

Time, discovered, devised
To understand the circle of day and night
The hours
The motions
The minutes
We created
watching the movements
of seasons
of stars, of planets
time to reap, time to sow
To fit our life, our time

Creating gods in our image
And his time in ours

Is not hours, is not minutes, days, weeks years
It steps far beyond our meager span
God we found immeasurable
But still he is ours

Time we name it
Expands far beyond
Far beyond where our mortal selves
Can fit

To have that
For a minute or 144 hours
24 of rest
The mind lingers in wonder
or runs in fear
Is to have eternity
In the palm of the hand
In the breath of a moment
In the
An eye

April 2016 - July 2017

Work 2:  Seeking the Red Dwarf

Sketch:  Blue Tape blocking for two paintings above Spring 2015