Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I, of the Storm

I, Of the Storm

The Pensive Trumpet

So Happy for you your fate was sealed
By a foreign God, in foreign land
in foreign tongues @1.5-2Kyears ago

That you chose at the core of your patriotism
Your eagle-god tri-colored
& dollar-bill green
Saul-Paul’s godman                  &
12 men who loved their lord
a single sex religion,  He the first of the monarchy

This man-god reported to revive
Mortuus tribus diebus, mimicking his Lazarus
Walked among them then
Assumed into a waiting realm
For you to die and join him
And all the saints, regally appointed
To serve at his side
And those on who must serve him
Or devil betrothed
Now this self-declared god
Needed not the succor of the women
Except to bear his fruit
To mother his needs
or trophy the arm of the Lords
Who own and rule the land
His men their men his church to conquer
In faith, by force and threat
Eternally on fire
Will spread the Billowing words
By the sword of the word of the lord
to the shores of the newly found
Other side of the world

Amerigo’s world, the unfound Asia
Filled with Indians, you call them, still

And forgetting the promise
Of independent thought
In a brand new world
Where flocked the faithful chosen
Pilgrim Protestants to the North
The Papal crew goes South
To conquer or kill the devil tribes
clans of the holy faith
with a quest to establish
a holy land
the fabled foreign sacred town
In a land alluringly
Religion free, as they see


The Kings shall blow the Trumpet
To sound your end of time
We shall terrorize the terrorists
Our Soldiers and citizens
beneath the Tower walls
Shall die a martyrs death
In heaven beneath the dirty ground
Their treasure they shall find
Their actions save
the kingly class
Behind the gated walls
In the Kingdom of Alternatives
Gilded with their Golden Lies

Then indeed the Swamp is Drained
& New Jerusalem regained

Inspired by
The New Kingdom Inaugurated 1/20/2017
Under his Lordship, Donald J. Trump
And his second in command, the Holy Prince Pence